Picture of Floppy disc player notebox
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Step 1: Materials etc

Picture of materials etc
we are gonna need:
a floppy disc player
3 volt battery with holder
soldering thing :/ ( dont remember how its sayd)
really sharp knife or cutter
hot glue ( a lot of it)
butane burner (  even the one for the coffe,necessery  if you dont have a dremel)

Step 2: Getting the player appart

Picture of getting the player appart
i dont have pics of the pc or the player opened so pay atention: GET THE PLAYER AND UNSCREW EVERYTHING.  now u should have tghe two cases the plastic and the metalic which consists of two parts. youll also find the thing from where you push the discs in.

Step 3: Electronics

Picture of electronics
������������ 007.jpg
������������ 009.jpg
here you see the connections
yellow -
white +
DONT  start and make this... this is just to see

now get the cases > and glue the switch and the led.
put back  together.

Step 4:

Picture of
������������ 004.jpg
������������ 013.jpg
and now the hole to see the notes....hard part because you might have to ope and re put back together :/
ok glue the metalic caseon the plastic one, take the dremel or the heated cutter and make the marks i made.
then start cuting the circle.

Step 5: Cutted

Picture of cutted
������������ 014.jpg
������������ 016.jpg
ope up and after cutting it ,with the dremel or the not so much heated knife this time and a file get the excesive plastic away

Step 6: Again together

Picture of again together
put again back together glue it  and get the excesive glue away with a knife.

Step 7: How it works

pu the note in and light the led........then see the note from the hole or bend the smalliron piece and get all your notes out.

Step 8: Epilogue

thnx for watching my instructable...... sorry for bad english... i would be glad to answer your questions. :D :D