I designed this plushie in homage to Joe Ledbetter's awesome Gamerita vinyl toy.

He is a fun project that requires a bit of confidence on a sewing machine, but the pictures should help you through the tricky bits!!

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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
Buy the pattern here for $4.50

a) Fleece
b) felt
c) Stuffing
d) Black embroidery thread

e) Scissors
f) Marker pen
g) Pins
h) Funnel
i) Thread
j) Lentils or split peas, the finer the better.

Also: Thin cardboard to plastic, the lid of a large butter tub or a ceral box
  • 5 x 1/2 inch cone studs
  • Green PVC
  • Small black beads (i recommend ones slightly larger than seed beads or they make look too small)
  • 35mm plastic bear joint.
(I appreciate that these bits aren't stuff you've got laying about if you're not a big time sewer, i've put them together as a kit in my etsy shop. Contains pattern, swivel joint, cone studs, PVC fabric (for the shell) and black beads)

Buy the pattern here for $4.50
RQ5 years ago
I can't find the pattern on your sites
I love that you made kits for this one! 

The face on this little guy is just too cute. ^_^
alittlestranger (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
i was going to do just a pattern, but all the extra bits would cost fortunes to buy, as you'd have to buy little packs of everything and have a bunch of useless bits left over afterwards. When i started out sewing as a kid i loved those plush kits you got in craft shops, and i wanted to bring that feeling with a grown up kind of vibe to these kits :D
They're so awesome! I'll have to learn how to sew now.
Doctor What5 years ago
Beyond cute.  I love your projects, ma'am.  They are by far some of the strangest, but sweetest projects I have seen.  I look forward to seeing more!