Floppy Bank


Introduction: Floppy Bank

Roommates are good for some things and for others they can be a pain. I like to keep some money stashed in my room for emergencies, but I don’t want any one to know were it is. No one would expect an old floppy drive to contain money, but it works well!

Step 1: The Face Comes Off!

Remove the face off of the floppy drive

Step 2: Take the Top Off!

Remove the top of the floppy drive. it snaps off, you could use a screwdriver if your having trouble.

Step 3: Making the Vault

remove the inside cover and the floppy reader. I pried them off with a screwdriver.

Step 4: Putting Back Together

Snap the top of the case on. After that you snap the front on.

Step 5: How to Put Money In

Next put money in threw the floppy door.

Step 6: Taking Money Out

If you want to get your money out, the best way would to take the face and top off.



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    great idea!
    the only downside is that your roomie throws out the floppy drive thinking that you dont need it when it contains loads of money =\