Hello everyone.....Today I have taken something out of my flower garden....We all know,plants have their own lives,they can feel just as we feel..but they can't express it...But what happens if a flower gains the ability to interact with you? Imagine a flower sitting at your desk looking at you,waiving it's leaves,saying hello and bye....sleeping and waking up....wouldn't it be fun? While Arduino and Arduino clones are here,why not build something similar ?? 

Presenting Flora -an interactive flower straight from my Arduino Garden....

Please,before proceeding further,kindly have a look at the video.......


Step 1: Necessary Ingredients !

Oh,well,so I built this using-
1.   Hard Cardboards
2.   5 Micro Servos
3.   Arduino UNO or compatible clone
4.  1 Standard Servo
5.  Suitable power supply for the Servos (I had some trouble regarding this)
6.  Suitable supply for the atmega board
7.  TCRT 5000 modules - 2 pieces, 10Kohm Resistances-2 pieces, 220 Ohm Resistances -2 pieces
8.  LDR - 1 piece, 10K resistance-1 piece.
9.  A small breadboard for easy connection.....you can also use a PCB if you want,or a veroboard.........anything you want.
10. Lots of time to waste....

Thats it........let's begin......
Love the idea! But it's kinda creepy with the music in the video n all (I'm afraid of dolls).<br/>
Pretty! Flora reminds me of a certain Zombie game with lots of flowers in it :-) Maybe you can enter it in the Zombie contest?
oooopppssss! Missed it. Thanks for informing me..

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