Picture of Floral Crochet Bracelet
I've been crocheting a lot lately and I am slowly getting better at it, learning new stitches, trying new patterns...I must admit that it's fun!

I love lace and this pattern reminds me very much of one. It's repetitive so it can also be used to create a belt or, who knows, whatever your fantasy comes up with!
I used a crochet hook number 4 (1.75) and cotton number 5.

Happy crocheting!! :D

Step 1: Stitches

List of stitches used for this bracelet:
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet - sc
  • double crochet - dc
rkhursheed1 year ago

this is just so pretty...love it

lindarose92 (author)  rkhursheed1 year ago

Thank you!!

I've just seen your lamps and they are really beautiful! I hope to see more ibles from you :)

Wow! this is really pretty! have to try this one :)
lindarose92 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
I am so glad you like it! Thank you Muhaiminah! :)
being human2 years ago
ahaaa linda v nyc
lindarose92 (author)  being human2 years ago
Thank you, I am glad you like it!
JCOlivie2 years ago
più o meno simile a un piccolo giardino.
HollyMann2 years ago
I LOVE This - it is so cute!! I need to make this sometime! Thanks for sharing the Instructable! :)
lindarose92 (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Oh, thank You so much! :) Let me know how yours turns out!
M.C. Langer2 years ago
lindarose92 (author)  M.C. Langer2 years ago
Thank you Mario! :)
Linda I never understood crochet, but I love the creations. Yours is very elegant & beautiful :[).
Thanks. You are awesome.
lindarose92 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
Thank you so much Tarun! You are always so kind! :)
aqua 122 years ago
So cool and flowery!!! <3
lindarose92 (author)  aqua 122 years ago
Thank youuu! :)