This is a great way to have a carved pumpkin but make it a little more sophisticated, maybe for an adult Hallowe'en party or seasonal table centre! 

You'll need;
    A pumpkin!
    Black bin liner
    Candle and spike candle holder
    Floral foam
    Flowers/ foliage, spooky thingys!

Start by cutting the top off your pumpkin, scooping out the innards and carving your face! Or leave it plain if you like :)

Step 1: Fitting the Foam!

All carved and as normal, cut a piece of black binbag and line the inside of the pumpkin, leaving a little out the top.

Cut a piece of floral foam (wet if using fresh flowers, dry if artificial) to fit the inside of the pumpkin and place inside. (remember to soak the foam first if it's wet!) 

Now you can trim the top edge of the plastic bag, just make sure no wet foam touches the pumpkin or it will turn really quickly!
very pretty...thanks for sharing. <br>

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