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Introduction: Floss Refill

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Have you ever wondered about refilling your floss dispenser? Why you ask, well maybe you read my Floss Window instructable, there is one reason to refill your floss dispenser. Here is another; place more floss in a smaller container, great for traveling or downsizing. This instructable will display the different floss dispensers I had on hand.

You may prefer one floss over another, on the other hand you may not. There are many different brands and size containers of floss. Floss comes in different lengths, I have seen from 4 yards up to 122 yards. So would it be cool to refill a 4 yard "sample" size floss dispenser with a 55 yard refill? Whoa say what? That is right, I placed a 55 yard floss spool into a 4 yard "sample" size dispenser with room to spare. That is a 1,275% increase without making any other changes.

When you add a Floss Window to your refillable floss dispenser you will have a dynamic dual. More floss in a smaller space and know when the dispenser is low before you run out. Read on for more information about floss dispenser sizes.

Some benefits of this project are:
1. Better utilization of existing space by placing more floss into a smaller space.
2. No space is too small to go unnoticed.
3. By placing more floss into a smaller space you are free to take more floss when you are traveling or bugging out (“where space is at a premium”).
4. This is an easy project that does not require any special tools.
5. There is little cost in money or time to put this space saving project into action.
6. See the simplicity of switching floss between multiple manufactures.

Step 1: Floss Dispensers

Floss Dispenser

Utility Knife. If you replace a smaller inside diameter spool into a larger inside diameter spool dispenser.

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
1 – 3 minutes

Now let’s look at some floss dispensers.

Next: Reach

Step 2: Reach

This example I placed 115 yards into a 55 yard dispenser.

It was tight fit and I used a Utility Knife to trim the spool holder to accommodate the smaller inside diameter spool. The increase was 109%. Even though the increase seems insignificant, I will be able to use this floss dispenser longer between refills.

Next: Dr. Fresh

Step 3: Dr. Fresh

I don't know where this dispenser came from, none the less, I replaced the 27.5 yard spool with a 55 yard spool.

The increase of floss volume was 100%, there was room to spare and I did not have to deal with a removable spool holder. The greatest benefit was going from a larger square dispenser to a smaller oblong dispenser.

Next: Listerine

Step 4: Listerine

This example I placed 55 yards into a 5 yard dispenser.

Because of the dispenser dimension I had to place the 55 yard spool onto the 5 yard holder. This example required more work but the increase of 1,000% is a nice return on investment.

Next: Glide

Step 5: Glide

Here is the winner. I placed 55 yards into a 4 yard container an increase of 1,275%.

There was some room left and there was no removable holder. It was an easy refill. The dimensions are 1 1/4 x 1 9/16.

This fits nice and easy into your EDC or BOB use as cordage and personal hygiene. The floss is contained and it comes with a cutter.

Next: Observations and Summary

Step 6: Observations & Summary

Across different brands there appears to be little variance in spool size. It looks as if there are 2 different diameter spools. It could be an industry standard, I could not find any information one way or the other. In any event here is a simple way to increase your floss dispensing while reducing the overall dimension. The greatest benefit comes from placing a larger amount of floss into a smaller space, as with the Glide and Dr. Fresh dispensers. Remember to add a Floss Window to your refillable floss dispenser.

I will leave you with this thought;
Prices will Rise,
Prices may Fall.
Less is More,
When you're on the Ball.

I am satisfied with the results.

Hear advice, and receive instruction, so that you may be wise in your latter end.



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    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. That really depends on if you are willing to wind the small personal dispenser spool from a large professional refill spool. If you walk this route then you will need a manual or powered spool winder. The easiest route is buying another personal floss dispenser and switching the full spool into the smaller personal floss dispenser.

    You can buy a 200yrd professional refill spool on line. Where you would wind the small spool from the refill spool. There isn’t a market to sell a refill spool for a personal floss dispenser. I switched the floss spools from an over the counter personal floss dispensers. The dollar store sells a 55yrd personal floss dispenser where I open the case and switch it into the smaller floss dispenser.


    my dental floss dispensers come with clear plastic windows already in them. i would like to drill a little hole in the mini {sample-size} container, but i hope no dirt or dust goes in. x^b

    1 reply

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. That is cool your floss dispenser has an existing window. As for your sample size, once you have drilled a hole, you could place a piece of packing tape on the inside and out to seal the window. You could cut a piece of thin clear plastic from a container and glue it on the in or outside. Best success with your project and post a picture here when it is completed.

    I have close to a dozen boxes of floss from when I realized Reach cinnamon was getting hard to find. Love my cinnamon. I have refilled sample boxes before, but on a bobbin winder.

    3 replies

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. That is cool, I was wondering what would be an easy way to rewind a floss spool. Your idea sounds interesting. Do you have a special adaptor for the floss spool to sit where the bobbin would sit?

    --only that if it fits, it fits, otherwise use a bobbin, and use whatever works to attach the floss spool. They come in different sizes, but all have hollow centers. Ball point pen parts and tape can help. :-)

    That is interesting. I suppose you could trim the spool holder from the Reach container so that a pen cap could fit on the holder, then wrap the floss around the pen cap. I wonder how much you could fit into the container once you remove the dead space of the spool holder? Thank you.

    Where do you find floss in bulk to expand the amout of floss on the replacement spools?

    1 reply

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. Locally I have seen large quantity packs at BJ's. Also, I have seen bulk spools of floss on line, in either case you would have to wind the floss onto the spool.


    Advise from my dentist: Only floss the teeth you want to keep.

    1 reply

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. Your dentist gives sound advice.

    To keep your teeth in a full grin,
    You need to floss day out and day in.

    Thanks! This is a really neat idea. You can also use the empty containers to store sewing thread in different colours - might be less handy but it's good for sewing on the go when you can't take scissors :)

    1 reply

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting. Storing thread in a empty container sounds like a good idea for on the go, would that be embroidery floss?