Flot in Mcpe Survival




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Introduction: Flot in Mcpe Survival

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Step 1: Materials

-water bucket -block of your chose

Step 2: Water

Place the water on the 2nd hiest block

Step 3: Hiding It

Place a block above it

Step 4: Make Sure You Can Get Up

Step 5: Boom Your Done

Troll your freinds with this!!!!!! Side note:it only works on one side so find it and dont say in the comments it donsent work



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    it works. I use this as an elevator on a few of my buildings.

    How to FLOT???? Is that like the mutant version of floating?????

    No mod in cludid it is simply water science cuz you swim up the water

    You must have a mod

    What did you do for this

    Did you build it exactly like i said

    What is a flot

    Yes it dose did you try all the corners?

    you cant stop people from sharing their feelings!