For finding delicious flounder and other underwater species you will need.
- Battery Terminals
- (2) 6-7 ft lengths of wire
- 4 ft of 1 inch wide PVC or in this case (2) 2ft lengths with the one inch coupler
- 1inch to 2 inch PVC adaptor
- 2 inch coupler
- High Beam for car. This one is made by Sylvania. 11.99 USD
- PVC cement
- All use Epoxy
- Solder
-Soldering Iron
- Wire stripper

Step 1: Add terminals to wire.

Take two 6-7 ft lengths of wire. Strip the ends and clamp terminals to the end. Make sure the terminals with fit a jetski or lawnmower battery. Make sure to solder the terminals for extra strength. 

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