Introduction: Flour Prank

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Step 1: Materials

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Flour (doesn't matter how much) One inch wide metal pole Electric air mattress blowing up device

Step 2: Lets Begin

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Plug in air mattress device

Step 3: Lets Go

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Attach metal pole to the air mattress device

Step 4: Flour Time

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Dump flour into metal pole and turn on the the device and a lot of flour will come shooting out on your victim

Step 5:

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Step 6: Please Comment Bad or Good


DaddysGal22 (author)2015-03-26


pitputle101 (author)2013-09-02

That is stupid

claramecium (author)pitputle1012014-07-12

stop picking on the kid

instructables-kid (author)2013-09-06

I hate you pitputle101

instructables-kid (author)2013-08-24


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