Flourless, Fat-free Rice Cake





Introduction: Flourless, Fat-free Rice Cake

About: An Italian living in China with a passion for cooking. I grew up in a picturesque town called Lecce nestled on the “heel of the boot”, Italy’s southern tip, between the Adriatic and Ionian ...

Last Friday I experimented with rice…and the result, oh the result was soft and sweet and addictive!

This rice cake has no butter, nor oil or flour so perfect if your are trying to control/lose weight but still don’t wanna totally give up on something sweet!

* 100 g rice
* 500 ml milk
* 60 g sugar
* 2 eggs
* 25 g butter (for greasing the pan)

Step 1: Step One - Make the Batter

Take 500 ml milk, bring it to a boil, drop in the rice. Cook till rice is soft and creamy
Meanwhile separate egg yolks from egg whites
Whip the egg whites
When the rice is ready, turn off the heat and add eggs, sugar and vanilla extract
Now slowly incorporate the whipped egg whites.

Step 2: Step Two - Bake It!

Grease a baking pan and cook at 180 C for about 40 min
Let it cool down, then cut into slices.
You can eat it for breakfast with some milk, or (if you can), add a scoop of whip cream or ice cream and enjoy your cake at home or with friends.

You can find more of my recipe on my cooking blog: www.expatcucina.com



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    is it Fat Free??
    Egg Yolks do contain FAT.

    is the rice supposed to be cooked? o.O
    ty btw ^^

    can i please get these ingredients in american conversions? ml? g? LOL im not good with the metric system......does anyone know some where online where i can translate? Looks delicious, and i cant wait to try them.....i spend way too much money on old stale store bought rice cakes....LOL

    2 replies

    You can find all conversion here

    sorry about that, im Italian

    500 ml milk is about 2 cups
    25 g butter is 2 tbsp
    60 g sugar is 1/3 cup
    100 g rice should be 1/2 heaping cup
    Hope that helps, but u can google it and find all conversions

    thank you so much, u r a sweet heart :) u can google it? nice! i didnt know that. that will help me out in future conversions. thanks again! :)

    Sounds Delish, It's also Gluten Free, Yay. As for the butter, use a non-fat cooking spray.

    (i'm afraid 2 egg yolks have up to 20g of fat)

    I've added in the ingredients what the butter is for. Sorry for confusion

    Great! I've given it a category-level feature - it looks delicious.

    when do you add the butter? (25 gr is fine with me! though you might want to change the title to be exact)

    1 reply

    The butter is for greasing the pan

    Looks good, tasty and healty. But fat free and butter as an ingredient doesn't compute in my kitchen.

    1 reply

    The butter is only for greasing the pan

    **Fat-free** Rice Cake This rice cake has **no butter**, nor oil or flour so perfect if your are trying to control/lose weight but still don’t wanna totally give up on something sweet! Ingredients * 100 g rice * 500 ml milk [may have fat] * 60 g sugar * 2 eggs [contains fat] * 25 g butter [contains butter]

    1 reply

    only 25 g of butter...are you kidding? It's almost like it has no butter at all compared to other cake recipes that call for 1 cup of butter!