Introduction: Flowback

Step 1:Throw a trapeze
Step 2:Throw the slack from your throwhand, around the string on your freehand, and back onto your throwhand.
Step 3:Take the string on your freehand index finger and but it on your freehand thumb. Then swing the yoyo around your freehand index finger and onto the string and the back of your throwhand. Now drop the string off your freehand thumb.
Step 4:Drop the yoyo off the from of the string that it's on. Bring the yoyo onto the back string on your freehand side, and drop your freehand index. Now stick your freehand index finger into the string coming off of your throwhand middle finger.
Step 5: Swing the yoyo up and out of the triangle to the front. open up the twist on your throwhand. Swing the yoyo onto the string farthest away from you in the twist that you opened. Drop all the strings off your freehand index finger and stick it in the loop. You will now be in a trapeze. All of step 5 should be done in one motion.
Step 6:Swing the yoyo off of the trapeze and catch it.



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Nice! I hope to see more videos, these are just awesome!