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crystalized flower

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buy baking clay in any color

Step 2:

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use a mini tea candle to make petals

Step 3:

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shape the mteal from the tea candle into a shape that is close to a petal. press into clay

Step 4:

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your flower base is a circle you can also make from using a round object. then you put the petals around on the circle. and add another color of petals onto the other petals

Step 5:

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bake flower on 275 for 15 minutes let it cool for 20 minutes

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I decided to use borax to crystalize my flower. I boiled water

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poured a cup of borax into the boil water and put the flower in the cup. you let the flower sit in the borax over night. and you put the cup on a table where it will not be disturbed. in the morning your flower will be crystalized


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