Introduction: Flower Afghan

A step-by-step photographic account of how to make a sunshiney flower afghan


johnhaydon5 made it! (author)2017-02-18

I love your blanket"

Arthai made it! (author)2010-01-23

 I agree with everyone else, this is really beautiful! I was just wondering how big it is, what are the dimensions? 

LottaTroublemaker made it! (author)2009-09-08

So fun to see one of these again. It was so common to crochet such afghans out of left over yarn earlier, I remember my grandmother having several. I would have loved having one myself, as these are the most comfortable afghans there are. With a top sheet underneath, it is so comfy for when it's quite warm, instead of an ordinary bed blanket or duvet. The way crochet or knit blankets softly wraps around you, is just so comfy and cosy! I'd love to see a modern version inspired by these too, using a simple, geometric pattern and a few matching colors instead of scrap yarn, e.g. taupe/brown with blues or grays, and with a simple, straight trim along the edge. And with a large size rather than just as a throw! Could be real beautiful and comfy!

cbubblehead made it! (author)2009-04-11

where can I find instructable pattern? Please let me know and Thanks!

aa60 made it! (author)2009-01-22

A great way to recycle all those oddments of wool that are hanging around..... You could also buy hand knitted things in Charity shops and un-pick them..... Make one for all the elderly people you know and help them save on thier heating bills.

KreaKatri made it! (author)2008-09-05

Can anyone say aproximately how large a size J is in milimeters? Where I come from they are numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on.

sqvishee made it! (author)sqvishee2008-09-05

good question! needle conversion is tricky if you don't know where the pattern is from. for this afghan J is 5.75 or 6.00mm.
I think that's a size 4 in UK, going by this chart:

KreaKatri made it! (author)KreaKatri2008-09-08

Okay, thanks a lot :)

sqvishee made it! (author)2008-09-02

Thank you all!
The pattern is my mother's - here's a link:

Hope you enjoy making it as much as i did!

ethaden made it! (author)2008-09-02

I love your blanket! Will you send me the pattern?

pebbles1 made it! (author)2008-06-23

i love this blanket and thanks for sending me the pattern

juanitafaye made it! (author)2008-05-25

Would love this pattern

EdieAngel made it! (author)2008-05-25

I would like to ask you if you could send me the pattern and pics to make this beautiful afghan. Thank you in advance.

beanj31602 made it! (author)2008-05-08

Would you give me the pattern for the flower itself? It is not like any flower pattern I've seen before. If so, please e-mail to Thanks so much

lavenderblue made it! (author)2008-03-20

oooh. this is soooo pretty!!!!. i have emailed this to my sister. i hope she makes this for me. thank you so much for sharing this.

deadalchemist made it! (author)2008-02-14

It's very pretty! I was curious how the joining would turn out and i was quite surprised! You did a beautiful job joining and the orange yarn for joining really makes it sharp and stand out. I really love this; nice work!

happyjean made it! (author)2008-02-12

Thank you for sharing your special fantastic colorful project from start to finish! happyjean

canida made it! (author)2008-02-08

Those look great! It must be a perfect way to use up yarn, too. Love the colors!

stinkymum made it! (author)2008-02-08

What lovely colours.

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