To make this beautiful flower basket cake, you will need :

1) Cake Mix (*3)

2) Cocoa Powder

3) Red food coloring

4) Milk

5) Sugar

6) Electric Whisk

7) Whipping cream

8) Chocolate

9) Food coloring as per your requirements to colo flowers

10) 2 Oreo biscuits

Hope you enjoy baking it..as I did !!!!! :D

Step 1: Refer to the Video to Know How It Is Done..!!

I made it. Now its your turn. :) Enjoy!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6Q52uL5gi4

One of the best cake I have ever seen. Very beautiful and creative. Just wanna have it. :-P
Looks beautiful and easy breezy way to cook
So creative!!
I'm definitely going to try this at home! Steps are really easy to follow and the cake looks AMAZING! ?
The best and most creative cake that i have ever seen
This is a really nice tutorial n beautiful cake!
This is so creative!
<p>This is beautiful! I love sunflowers :)</p>
Thank you so much ❤?

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Bio: I love baking cake, it gives me real happiness.
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