Lily Pads Afghan





Introduction: Lily Pads Afghan

This is an afghan I designed using Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand Yarn Co. in dusty blue, purple, dusty purple, pink and olive. I used 2 crochet blocks from the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton and an I hook. I used 12 squares of the dimensional flower and 23 plain granny type squares. I used the dusty blue for the last two rows of each square and joined the squares. The afghan measures about 46" x 70". Vanna's Choice yarn is lovely to work with and soft. My favorite for afghans.



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    This is just so beautiful and also very well made (nice and flat, even all over etc.)!!! I love the colors that are much more muted than such afghans used to have!!! And nothing is more comfy than crochet afghans, when you tried one, you'll never forget how comfy it was!!!

    I need someone to make me one of those!!!

    I love the colors of your afghan! Very pretty!

    OMG, you're right. I'm changing the name to lily pads. :)

    By the way, if you want to reply to somebody's comment, click the REPLY button, then it'll show up on our things, thanks!

    Oh, I messed up the reply, thanks. And thanks for the new name!

    you didnt think it originally looked like lily pads? ha! it actually reminded me of monet's painting of the water lilies because of the created something you didnt realize, and its a masterpiece! beautiful job and good discovery, lol.

    Sweet job, the last picture makes it look like lily pads, I like it. A lot.