Paper Flower Calender





Introduction: Paper Flower Calender

Make an easy paper flower calender

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Step 1: Print All.

Print all and cut out.
You must have 12 pieces

Step 2: Connect

Each piece have a small numbers that you must look to connect.

1) January 1 + February 1
2) January 2 + March 2
3) March 3 + February 3 ..................... ect ........

Look at numbers and connect as on foto.



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Make it smaller and put a little catnip or something rattly inside it, and this would make an awesome inexpensive cat toy!

It would be very nice if there was a way to print these so they weren't horribly grotesque.

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horribly grotesque? mine are just pixelated.

I've looked for this paper flower. My mama made it for me when I was a kid for the 1th March, and now I what to made it for my kids. In my country for 1th of March we make "martenitza" from white and red threads, but the "marthenitza" is more original with 2 paper flower - red and white. The people believe that it gives health and luck.

Could you make one for 2009? And for some reason I can't download it.Good idea though.

plz add pdf file of the pictures

I have a lot of things telling me what day it is, but I'm going to make some of these with decorative paper to use as gift boxes. Thanks!

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I agree. I think it would be cool to cut the shapes out of photos. Of grandkids for grandparents maybe?

HEY! All you complaining commentors, if you click on the i in the top left corner of the image, you get linked to a page with the image on it, below that image is another link to the ORIGINAL FILE which is 2000x1500 pxls thats a huge resolution and you can see the numbers fine.

Hi, It is so cute. I want to present this to my daughter for the new year. BTW what are the numbers. (i've circled them in red). I find difficulty in connecting the slots. can u help me out. i know i am bugging. i am a novice. pl. bear with me.

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here is the attached file

C:\Documents and Settings\sivasankari\Desktop\calendar.GIF

There 12 flower pieces. You must cut before number and then connect. January 1 + February 1 January 2 + March 2 March 3 + February 3 .......... You have 30 numbers to connect.

im sorry i don't get you... what do you mean by ' you must cut before number' I have all the 12 pieces(with 5 slots in each) already. can u tell me what these numbers in red circles mean?

C:\Documents and Settings\sivasankari\Desktop\calendar.GIF

aarthi - I haven't tried this project, but I think "cut before number" means to cut along the line next to the number. In other words, those five lines next to the numbers (below the "petals" of the flower) are slits. The author is trying to say to cut those slits (or so I'm guessing). As for the numbers in the circles, well, frankly, I can't read them! But from the context, I'd say that the numbers are supposed to help you link different months. For example, both January and February have five slits that are numbered 1-5 (right?). The January 1 slit should be connected to the February 1 slit, which the author shorthands as "January 1 + February 1". So on and so forth for all of the panels. I hope this helps.

you can read the numbers if you click the "i" in the top left corner of the picture then click ORIGINAL on the left, then "Download this version, ORIGINAL" this makes it high enough resolution to read the tiny numbers

thanks a lot..