Paper Flower Calender





Introduction: Paper Flower Calender

Make an easy paper flower calender

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Step 1: Print All.

Print all and cut out.
You must have 12 pieces

Step 2: Connect

Each piece have a small numbers that you must look to connect.

1) January 1 + February 1
2) January 2 + March 2
3) March 3 + February 3 ..................... ect ........

Look at numbers and connect as on foto.



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Make it smaller and put a little catnip or something rattly inside it, and this would make an awesome inexpensive cat toy!

It would be very nice if there was a way to print these so they weren't horribly grotesque.

horribly grotesque? mine are just pixelated.

I've looked for this paper flower. My mama made it for me when I was a kid for the 1th March, and now I what to made it for my kids. In my country for 1th of March we make "martenitza" from white and red threads, but the "marthenitza" is more original with 2 paper flower - red and white. The people believe that it gives health and luck.

Could you make one for 2009? And for some reason I can't download it.Good idea though.

plz add pdf file of the pictures

I have a lot of things telling me what day it is, but I'm going to make some of these with decorative paper to use as gift boxes. Thanks!