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So, I wanted to do something awesome with my blank canvas, and I chose to do this! It's simple and really neat.

What you'll need:

~Scrapbook paper and/or decorative paper

~Black Acrylic Paint

~White Acrylic Paint

~Stencil Letters


~Stick Glue

~Paint Brushes

Paint the entire canvas black. Once it dries, cut out a small circle. (I would definitely be playing some music or have the TV on for this.) Glue it on the canvas. Do the same with cut out petals, each a different size. This takes serious patience and hard work! Once your flower is done and dried, use the white paint to stencil any word. Once that dries, you're done! I'll be posting a new one soon! :)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-17

Cool design. If you have any pictures of the assembly process, it would really help people to follow along and be able to replicate the process.

I was thinking about that! I'll have to try keeping up with that. Thank you!

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