Flower Earring Studs


Introduction: Flower Earring Studs

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Hi, today I am going to make this beautiful flower earring stud.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. jewellery wire
  2. flower bead
  3. strong glue (like fevi kwik)
  4. scissor
  5. x-actor knife
  6. eraser

Step 2:

Take a strong glue and put on flower bead.

Step 3:

Then take a Jewellery wire stick on the center flower bead and cut a remaining wire with scissor. Leave a earring stud for hours.

Step 4:

Take a rubber and cut a small square size with x-actor knife and put Carefully push and screw the stem of the ear stud on the small eraser pieces to create a hole on it. There, you have backs for the earrings. Completed.



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