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Here is a super fun and adorable mini note card set that you can make for your friends, family or even start a business selling (you can visit Artellect Etsy Team blog to download the circle designs and scrapbook paper I use in this tutorial)

Step 1: You Will Need:

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1. Circle designs and scrapbook paper of your choice (you can download the ones I use at Artellect Etsy Team blog)
2. Colorful card stocks
3. 2 inch scallop square punch
4. 1 1/2 inch circle punch
5. Multi-purpose glue (this can be substituted with double-sided tape or glue stick)
6. Double-sided foam tape
7. Scissors

Step 2: Step 1

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Cut a piece of 4 inch by 2 inch cardstock paper (pick a color you like!)

Step 3: Step 2

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Fold the paper in half

Step 4: Step 3

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Punch out a scallop square on the scrapbook paper of your choice

Step 5: Step 4

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Glue the scallop square paper to the folded card stock

Step 6: Step 5

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Glue the circle design to a piece of cardstock. We do this to make sure the circles are very strong and thick. This step is entirely optional if you print your circle designs on cardstocks or strong printing papers. Let dry for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 7: Step 6

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Punch out the circle designs using the 1 1/2 circle punch

Step 8: Step 7

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Stick a piece of double-sided foam tape to the back of the circle design

Step 9: Step 8

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Tape the circle to the folded card stock


ChrysN (author)2010-08-18

Nice! Those punches are really handy.

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