Here is an easy way of creating your own nail art. I will show you how to create flower petals on your nails with a strand of hair. It will be AMAZING!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

- Rubbing alcohol *
- Q-tips
- Clear Polish
- Colored Polish (your choice)
- Acrylic Paint (your choice)
- 1 Strand of hair
- plate

* use rubbing alcohol and Q-tips, to remove acrylic paint if you make a mistake. This will not remove polish underneath.

Step 2:

Step 3: Polish Nails

Polish your nails with your favorite color.

Step 4: Make a Stencil

-When nails are dried, grab one strand of hair and fold it.
-With the folded part up, take your thumb and index finger and roll the hair. This creates a small loop (petal) shape on top. Keep twisting to desirable size.

Step 5: Add Acrylic Paint

- Choose an acrylic paint (this is the color of your flower) and squeeze a small amount on your plate.
- Dip your looped hair in the acrylic paint.

Step 6: Stamp Your Nail

With the tip of the loop facing inward, stamp your nail.

Step 7: Add More Petals

- Add paint on loop when needed and continue painting the loops until you have created a flower.
- Add a clear coat finish for longer lasting nails.

Step 8: Enjoy Nails

You now have an amazing flower that you've created. Time to show off.
<p style="color: black;">Nice technique with the hair!</p><p>You might wanna correct your title <em>(to <strong>Petal</strong>, not Pedal)</em> and you're missing an &quot;r&quot; in <em>&quot;1 Strand of hair&quot;. </em>Oh and don't paint your cuticles, it's bad for them and it looks sloppy<em>.</em></p><p>Other than that... Have a nice day :)<em><br></em></p>
Thanks, didn't even realize. First time using site.
<p>But hopefully not the last :)</p>

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