This project is meant for learning a little electronics and Arduino programming. A real beginners project I would say.

The idea was to make a compact unit for watering flowers whenever they where in need of water. The system uses a stepper motor which is driven by a uStepper board to get a compact stand-alone system. I must mention that I am co-creator on uStepper, and this instructable is not meant as an advert for uStepper which should be reflected in the focus on the actual application and not the uStepper board in this instructable.

Now let's proceed to the fun part!

Step 1: Bill of Materials

For this project you will need to have access to a 3D printer, since there is 5 parts that will have to be printed. The mechanical parts (screws, nuts, bolts, bearings, 3D parts etc.) is presented on the technical drawing here.

Besides these parts you I used:

  • uStepper controller
  • A resistors (value will be discussed in a later step)
  • A little wire
  • A little heat schrink tube

The silicone tube on the drawing should be longer to reach a water reservoir with one end and the soil with the other. Here I used roughly 50cm. You will also need some sort of water reservoir (could just be a bottle).

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