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Introduction: Flower Power

Tired of losing pens? Wishing your old-ordinary pen was more exciting? Well, here is the perfect solution! Change a regular bic pen into an exciting and beautiful flower pen. It's easy, inexpensive, and is guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone that comes in contact with it!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To create your flower pens you will need:

1. Artificial Flowers (with stems) - can be found at craft stores and in Wal-Mart craft section ($.50 & up)
2. Pens - I like using Bic pens because they are inexpensive but any pen will work as long as the bottom is able to come out. ($.89/pack of 10)
3. Wire Cutters
4. Floral Tape ($.96/roll)
5. Glue Gun & Glue
6. Any tool to squeeze the bottom cap out of the pen - I like to use an old wire stripper tool that I have, but pliers work well too.

Step 2: Take Out the Butts

Ever chew the end off a pen while sitting in class? Well, it's the same idea.
I typically use my wire stripper to squeeze them out, but any tool that can do the job is fine. I find that it makes it easier to gently squeeze in a circular motion around the end. Sometimes they can really pop - so make sure you watch where the end is pointed.

Step 3: Prepare Flowers

First you want to push the flowers up on the stem - almost to the top.
Then take the wire cutters and cut the stem. You want to have about 1-2 inches under the flower.

Step 4: Ready to Assemble

Now you should have your pens (butt-less) and your flowers all cut.
Turn on your glue gun and let it get warmed up.

Step 5: Insert Stems Into Pens

Next you want to put the stems into the ends of the pens. I've found that to put more than 3 is really pushing it. You also need to make sure that you don't accidentally stick the stem into the ink well. If that happens, you'll have a real mess.

Step 6: Gluing

Take the glue gun and stick it right into the end of the pen with the stems still in. Just put a small amount of glue in the end - enough to hold the flowers in but not too much. I've found that if you plug up the ink well, your pen is going to stop writing. So keep it small - about the size of the cap that you took out earlier.
When the glue is still hot - push the flowers in to their base.

Step 7: Wrap 'Em Up

First take the cap off the pen. Then take the floral tape and start it at the base of the flowers. Floral tape sticks to itself when it is stretched out. So as you wrap, pull the tape tight. Take it all the way down to the tip of the pen and finish by ripping the tape by hand. I usually do a couple extra wraps at the top and bottom, but otherwise, one layer is just fine.
And you're finished!!

Step 8: Extras

The same idea can be used with other toppers. You can really put most anything (that you can handle the weight of) on a pen. Let your imagination run wild!

Also, when I make a whole bunch of flower pens, I like to fix them in a basket like a bouquet. They're the perfect gift to bring to a gathering such as a shower, wedding, work party, or reunion. Everyone is always shocked when they realize that all of these flowers are really pens!

And the best part - you will never lose your pen again!!



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    nice one

    Love this one ! And once the ink runs outta the pen or stops writing you can just arrange them into a faux bouquet and still enjoy the beauty of it. Definitely gonna try this for my next gift giving occasion. Thanxs for sharing !

    Thank you for writing this, I can't wait to try this!

    Love it! I'd always be able to find a pen- nobody will walk off with this pen- without me noticing.

    Wow! This is an amazing idea! I'm going to buy a vase and make these for my friend's birthday.

    really gud i evn njoyd making it thx alot

    Great idea! These would be fab for my friends as birthday presents along with a notebook or something :)