Tired of losing pens? Wishing your old-ordinary pen was more exciting? Well, here is the perfect solution! Change a regular bic pen into an exciting and beautiful flower pen. It's easy, inexpensive, and is guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone that comes in contact with it!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To create your flower pens you will need:

1. Artificial Flowers (with stems) - can be found at craft stores and in Wal-Mart craft section ($.50 & up)
2. Pens - I like using Bic pens because they are inexpensive but any pen will work as long as the bottom is able to come out. ($.89/pack of 10)
3. Wire Cutters
4. Floral Tape ($.96/roll)
5. Glue Gun & Glue
6. Any tool to squeeze the bottom cap out of the pen - I like to use an old wire stripper tool that I have, but pliers work well too.
<p>very good</p>
<p>nice one</p>
Love this one ! And once the ink runs outta the pen or stops writing you can just arrange them into a faux bouquet and still enjoy the beauty of it. Definitely gonna try this for my next gift giving occasion. Thanxs for sharing !
awesome <br>
Thank you for writing this, I can't wait to try this!
Love it! I'd always be able to find a pen- nobody will walk off with this pen- without me noticing.
Wow! This is an amazing idea! I'm going to buy a vase and make these for my friend's birthday.
really gud i evn njoyd making it thx alot
Great idea! These would be fab for my friends as birthday presents along with a notebook or something :)
What a clever idea!! Wonderful step by step instructions.
These are very nice. Can't wait to try some. Your instructions and pictures are great. THANKS.
Hmmmm, such a great idea with minimal supplies - thanks so much for showing me how to do this.
Wow..what a wonderful idea!! These are great as we're always in need of pens around the house or office. They would also make a great Mother's Day craft for scouts. I think the girls would love doing them.
As a teacher, I use pens constantly and these will prevent anyone from walking away with them. I can see using them for prizes too since my students will definitely be attracted to them. I may even set up a craft center where students could make their own and use as a present for the holidays. I know they will love doing them!
Super job! These are really cool and look like they can be done for holidays too. Great idea maplepapercuts!!!
I love it! Make me a bouquet!
Haha post office makes these! They have fake roses with fake water droplets on them taped with post office tape. Good idea though, I want a little fake bee on a wire. I want a pen that has a lighter on the end, and when you write , it lights!
That could be pretty cool - just have to watch your head - yikes! I like the bee idea - I'll have to look around for one. Thanks for the comments!
Very clear instructable. I like the basket arrangement. I did this at the church office and pens are staying in the office (still in tin can) and very cute to see a man using a flower pen. Thank you!
This is awesome. I'm gonna have to do this to keep the guys I live with from stealing my pens. ;)
They have these at the local vet office, and nobody notices that they're pens. But they are pretty cool!

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