Step 6: Gluing

Take the glue gun and stick it right into the end of the pen with the stems still in. Just put a small amount of glue in the end - enough to hold the flowers in but not too much. I've found that if you plug up the ink well, your pen is going to stop writing. So keep it small - about the size of the cap that you took out earlier.
When the glue is still hot - push the flowers in to their base.
<p>very good</p>
<p>nice one</p>
Love this one ! And once the ink runs outta the pen or stops writing you can just arrange them into a faux bouquet and still enjoy the beauty of it. Definitely gonna try this for my next gift giving occasion. Thanxs for sharing !
awesome <br>
Thank you for writing this, I can't wait to try this!
Love it! I'd always be able to find a pen- nobody will walk off with this pen- without me noticing.
Wow! This is an amazing idea! I'm going to buy a vase and make these for my friend's birthday.
really gud i evn njoyd making it thx alot
Great idea! These would be fab for my friends as birthday presents along with a notebook or something :)
What a clever idea!! Wonderful step by step instructions.
These are very nice. Can't wait to try some. Your instructions and pictures are great. THANKS.
Hmmmm, such a great idea with minimal supplies - thanks so much for showing me how to do this.
Wow..what a wonderful idea!! These are great as we're always in need of pens around the house or office. They would also make a great Mother's Day craft for scouts. I think the girls would love doing them.
As a teacher, I use pens constantly and these will prevent anyone from walking away with them. I can see using them for prizes too since my students will definitely be attracted to them. I may even set up a craft center where students could make their own and use as a present for the holidays. I know they will love doing them!
Super job! These are really cool and look like they can be done for holidays too. Great idea maplepapercuts!!!
I love it! Make me a bouquet!
Haha post office makes these! They have fake roses with fake water droplets on them taped with post office tape. Good idea though, I want a little fake bee on a wire. I want a pen that has a lighter on the end, and when you write , it lights!
That could be pretty cool - just have to watch your head - yikes! I like the bee idea - I'll have to look around for one. Thanks for the comments!
Very clear instructable. I like the basket arrangement. I did this at the church office and pens are staying in the office (still in tin can) and very cute to see a man using a flower pen. Thank you!
This is awesome. I'm gonna have to do this to keep the guys I live with from stealing my pens. ;)
They have these at the local vet office, and nobody notices that they're pens. But they are pretty cool!

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