Flower Pump


Introduction: Flower Pump

3D printed glazed ceramic vase

Flower Pump is inspired by the muscle of love,
...every artery leads straight to the heart ....

Flower pump born in 3ds Max, mesh modelling, shell modificator for a correct ceramic wall thickness
(min. wall should be 3mm), mesh smooth/relax for rounding shape.
Some final adjustment at vertex level.
Tested water proof in STL acrilic plastic.




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    5 Discussions

    Hello ! want to know about the possibility of purchasing models in STL format. If you can contact me at the address supermonsteri@yandex.ru

    wow these are awesome renderings .. you should get it 3d pinted.. some places do ceramic printing

    Fantastic work mate, really like it. It's good to see others working in the sculpture and art sector with 3d printing. Good stuff!