Picture of Flower-Stitched Laptop Cover
I came across this leather-like material at Jo-Ann Fabrics and thought it would be perfect for a laptop cover. It's so easy to work with because you can cut it and it doesn't fray...just like felt or real leather.
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Step 1: Cut your fabric

Picture of Cut your fabric
Measure your laptop and cut 1 piece of fabric a little bigger overall than the actual size (to compensate for bulk of computer). This will be the front. Cut another piece of fabric, same width, but now about 4" taller than the first piece. This is the back of the cover.

Black indicates the right side of fabric, gray, the wrong side.

(I cut the top of the front and back panel with Pinking shears)

Step 2: Draw your flower

Picture of Draw your flower
I drew my flower in a drawing program and printed it full-size. There’s no need to fill in the petals like I did... an outline will do.

Step 3: Transfer Drawing

Picture of Transfer Drawing
Now you need to transfer your drawing to the fabric.

You could draw your flower right on the fabric but I chose to cut out each petal and leaf and tape them to the wrong side of my fabric. (If you do it this way, make sure you have a duplicate drawing handy.) I’m going to machine sew on the wrong side since the stitch looks almost the same on the front and back of the fabric, plus I didn’t want to mark up the nice side of my fabric.

Step 4: Trace Flower

Picture of Trace Flower
I traced around each shape with a crayon but a dressmakers marker pencil in white would’ve been better...but I tend to work with what I’ve got and all I had was an orange crayon!

Step 5: Start Sewing

Picture of Start Sewing
photo 5.JPG
I chose shades of pink and green for my cover.

Follow the outline with your sewing machine and then add more “layers” as you go along. You could change the width or style of the stitch for a more textural look.

Pull the thread through from the front of the fabric to the back and tie a knot for a clean, neat look.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Olarex3 years ago
Very nice! You did a wonderful job!
gud one.. i luv 2 do such things... wud u like 2 guide me little bit,,,
i will b very thahkfull 2 u..
Facci Designs (author)  natureekamboj3 years ago
sure. What would you like to know? Do you sew on a sewing machine?
So beautiful! Love the design and colors!
Facci Designs (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
thank you Penolopy!
susanrm3 years ago
This is wonderful! What a great idea.
Facci Designs (author)  susanrm3 years ago
thanks. you should try it, it's fun!
Very nice work out. The girls would love it
Facci Designs (author)  chernigovets3 years ago
why, thank you!