Flower Vase Decor





Introduction: Flower Vase Decor

I love using flowers to decorate my place. But, it turns out that I'm not that great at keeping them alive! :(

Sooo I've "solved" the problem by using faux flowers (which I used to hate because they seemed too plastic-y to me before, but i've recently found cute ones!) and vase fillers to create my own accent pieces and decorate my place.

Step 1: Materials


Recently Dollar Tree stores have become my go-to for finding affordable items for my crafts and diy projects. It was here that I found these beautiful lilac roses for only $1.

Decorative turquoise rocks:

I bought this container at Daiso Japan for $1.50. I was soon excited since most other places (like Ross/Home Goods) sell these babies for about $5 or even more!

Clear Glass Vase:

I already had this vase, but you can find similar ones at the dollar store for only $1.

Step 2: Fill That Thanggg Up

Quite simple, just pour the decorative rocks into the vase :)

Step 3: Stick Them In

All you have to do now is stick the flower stems in to the vase with the rocks :)

Step 4: Finito!

THAT'S IT!!! How simple and affordable was that? Not to mention how cute it turned out! I really love how both colors compliment each other :) I hope you liked this idea and hope that it inspired you to create something similar. Remember that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have amazing home decor pieces!

Step 5:



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    Cool idea! Simple and beautiful!