Picture of Flower Vase in Magazine Paper

Here is a great looking flower vase made of magazine papers and package boxes

No buying required for making this flower vase. All we need is papers and a pieces of thick card boards

Once we are practiced with one or two vases. We can start trying different shapes of the same

Let's see the step by step instruction of the making

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

Materials Needed:

Magazine papers

Package card boards


Tools Needed:

Knife / Scissors

Step 2: Pillar Sticks

Picture of Pillar Sticks

Pillar sticks are the vertical sticks which will support the horizontal winding of the paper rolls

  • Wind the paper as close as possible to make a thick stick and glue at the tip of the paper
  • Make 26 such sticks
  • Combine 2 sticks into 1 by inserting one into another and glue the same
  • Now you have 13 pillar sticks

Step 3: ​Base and skeleton for the Vase

Picture of ​Base and skeleton for the Vase

  • Cut a thick cardboard into a round shape of diameter ~10cm. Make 2 such pieces
  • If you have any round shaped lids of approximate diameter, use that for cutting the cardboard elegantly
  • Keep the pillar sticks over one of the bases in equal gaps
  • Glue the sticks with the base and glue the other board over the sticks
  • Keep some weight over the base for some time, so that the sticks and the base boards will be stick tighter

Important: The count of sticks should always be in odd numbers. Otherwise winding the paper rolls will not be alternative

50Theo11 months ago
Thank you :)
50Theo11 months ago
Thank you :)
antoniraj1 year ago

looks great... good use of old magazines...

Nice. how did you get the shaped vases like the 4 on the left. i.e wide and narrow thw shape?
arungvijay (author)  RamblinLane1 year ago

You have to tie together the pillar sticks at the top and start winding. At half way untie it and use any cone shape structure with in the pillar sticks to make it wider.

arungvijay (author) 1 year ago

Thank you all

ashukla101 year ago
nice! :-)
amalhotra21 year ago
Amazing !
I've always wanted to know how to do these thanks!

Wow, these are awesome! I love the rolled magazine look! :)