Picture of Flower made from old bicycle bar tape.
 I work at a bicycle shop and occasionally we have to replace bar tape.  Most of the time the tape is still in pretty good condition it has just started to unravel a little bit and so people want to replace it completely.  Well the last time I was doing it I was thinking about the uses I had for the old tape so it wouldn't just get thrown away.  I came up with a few ideas mostly just padding other stuff or using to for a non-slide foot on the bottom of some object, but making a flower out of it just sort of happened.  This instructable will show you how to make a flower out of old bicycle bar tape!  Most or all of the things required for this project will come free or dirt cheap from your local bike shop ( that is if you use old bar tape new tape is kind of expensive! ).
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Step 1: Things you need.

You will need bar tape.  One handle bar tape will make one flower, so one bike will make two flowers.
1 spoke, per flower ( these are like 99cents new but you can find old ones easily for free!)
tape ( i prefer electrical tape because it's black like my bar tape but really any adhesive will work.)

Step 2: Getting the bar tape.

Picture of Getting the bar tape.
 Alright i am not going to go into great detail on how to take the bar tape off... it's pretty simple just unravel it... but anyways you can either take it off of your bike or go to your local bike shop and see if they have any laying around, if they don't have any right then ask them to save you some they will most likely have some soon!  Like i said before i wouldn't recommend buying the tape right out because of its price, but if you absolutely have to have some go for it.  Once you have your tape off your bars you will have a mess that looks like this: