Picture of Flower power clock or one dirty time peice

This is my second instructable  and for this one I will be hacking into a pocket watch and replacing the need for batteries and turning it into a desk clock or wall clock with its own solar powered night light  and also  it doubles as a planter


Bunch of junk

hot glue
soldering iron
wire cutter
plastic tube
caps to fit tube
copper rod
zinc rod

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Step 1:

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So I was given a pocket watch as a gift and the battery was dead when I got it and who carries a pocket watch and a phone anymore it has its usefully ness if your a conductor of a usher. I do like pocket watchers' I even have a small collection myself but with a phone in my pocket they are just extra stuff to carry around.

Step 2:

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First you have to remove the face and back to remove the face there is two ways to do so one could twist off the hinge or you could remove it by pushing a needle or pin into the small hinge and force it out . To remove the back use a thin knife and pop it open. the order in which you do this is all up to choice. 

Step 3:

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Remove the battery from its holder and bend the small tabs up so that they will be able to be soldered or hot glued there very small and my crappie ten dollar  phone can not get that close up or clear for that matter due to the halogen lamps above my work desk. 

Step 4:

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get wires to solder it to the positive and negative battery connection I used a old battery pack from a toy that was and will remain broken some children's toys are very loud and .........fragile

Step 5:

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solder or glue wires on to positive and negative terminals . no I didn't actuly use the propane torch I used solder to attach wires hot glue works as well