Flower With Drinking Pipe!





Introduction: Flower With Drinking Pipe!

Did you saw this trick before ? This is really beautiful trick.

Step 1: Flower With Drinking Pipe

So for the first get the drinking pipe and push it .

Step 2: #2

After you push it make a V word with it. So now the right side move to the left and do it four times .

Step 3: Also You Can Watch the Video!

Step 4: #3

At the fifth time when your moving it from the right side to the left side put at the bottom of all four steps that you did so continue to do it till the end also you can watch the video.

Step 5: Finally!

So is good to do it with red drinking pipe or purple so its good to know the favorite color of the person that you will give this. Try to do it about 4-5 times at home before to do it when your out , make a practice before. I think that this trick is prefect and enjoy .



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Nice idea! Thanks for sharing this!