Rainbows and Flowers Garnishing My Garden Today.


Introduction: Rainbows and Flowers Garnishing My Garden Today.

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While I was working on another instructable I kept hearing this extremely loud noise. I finally went out side to see what the racket was all about and these hot air balloons hoovered above my house and garden. What an amazing and wonderful sight! I have only seen air balloons on the ground so this was a very exciting experience for me.

We have been working on our yard for a while. Mulching the garden, flower beds and yard. Building the fences, and now forms are built for the retaining walls are ready to pour the concrete. I am sharing pictures of this progress because it may benefit some one here who wants to do the same. It will be a different ible though. Flowers, trees, herbs, and vegetables are shown. Holly hocks are such a hearty plant. Mint is great in the spring, summer, and fall. The pecan tree is very productive every year. Fresh apricots and peaches yum are always welcomed here! I usually can them but this year I am too busy. I will miss them this winter though. They make nice jam. Fresh dill anyone? Aah Tomatoes!

The retaining wall will be back filled to hold a raised garden and flower bed. On top of the retaining wall will be a nice wood fence that will block our neighbors RV and boats.

The mulching has really paid off. The soil in our entire yard is loamy and soft to dig. My husband used grass clippings from all our neighbors, saw dust, and dead leaves. It is a pleasure to work in our yard. Weeding and digging is hardly any effort at all. Most of the soil in our area is extremely hard and dry. We hand water and the mulching has helped reduce the water usage.

The walkways have been beneficial because the cost was cheap and we have prevented a definite path where we walk all the time.

We used stepping stones around our faucets because it gets muddy in those areas. I could not forgot to share the lovely flowers at my front door today. I want to thank everyone for stopping in to see my garden and may your day be bright and happy!



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    How do I view ur comments ur lucky

    I love this project, can't wait to see it's completion. Tell me more about the sawdust. Was it aged?

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    It came from a mill. That is all I know. What is aged anyway?

    I've heard that new sawdust has too much nitrogen in it to use right away, so that is why I was asking. We don't have any lumber mills nearby and was thinking about using the baled shavings but am a little timid about using fresh and so have not. Maybe I will spread some in the garden this winter and let it age that way.

    Yes, you are correct. You must allow saw dust to age before planting. My husband suggest you check with a local farm that sells hay. He said that they always have old hay lying around, that they would probably give you or charge very little for it. He says it makes excellent mulch. It also decomposes very fast.

    He used saw dust because he knew that he would not be planting right away. Hope that helps.

    I understand the principal of aged but please explain the benefits and how long it might take to be aged. The mill had it all piled up all over a huge area. I imagine some of it had been there for a while. 2-3 years maybe.

    Yes I am!!! It was so kewl to have them travel over the roof top! Did you notice how close they got to the lines? I have seen only one hot air balloon and it was on the ground in Washington State. Next year I will be ready!!!