We have one place in our backyard where we can't get any flowers to grow.  I don't know if it is because of the soil in this one place, or the fact it gets very little sun, or what.  But whatever the reason, we finally gave up on planting anything there,  that is, until my wife got this neat idea.  Her idea was:  "Metal flowers can survive anywhere!"  So, that's what we did.

Step 1: Materials Required

We began collecting anything we thought even remotely looked like a flower, including cake pans, jello molds, an old heater fan, an old knob from a drawer, etc.  For stems I used metal electrical conduit, and leaves were made from some scrap sheet metal I had laying around.  Some of the items are shown in the photo.

In terms of tools, I used a metal cutting bandsaw, drill & bits, pliers, and a screwdriver.  I started to make this a welding project, but since some of the materials used were made from aluminum, I just bolted everything together.  Supply items included miscellaneous nuts & bolts and spray paint.
Nice! What a great way to add some colour.
These look great! They look awesome once painted. :)
Thanks for the nice comment!
Very nicely done a fun way to brighten a dull corner of the garden and I have to admit it's the kind of plant I can work with, I'm really not a garden sort of chap. Does the fan spin in the breeze?
I didn't make it so the fan would spin. I thought about it, but because of its proximity to the fence and storage building, it wouldn't get enough breeze to spin anyway. Thanks for the comment!

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