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Introduction: Fluffy Earphone Sleeve

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A little while ago, I came across some knitted headphone sleeves that were posted on Craftster.  These were really cute but unfortunately I don't know how to knit.  I figured that there must be a way to do the same thing with crochet. I ended up using a simple chain stitch to make the sleeve and used some fluffy yarn to make it fun.

Step 1: Material:

  • fluffy yarn
  • crochet hook
  • earphones/headphones

Step 2: Slipknot

The earphone sleeve is made by chain stitching around the cable.  If you are new to crochet this is a really basic and easy to learn crochet stitch. I used regular yarn in Steps 2 and 3 to demonstrate since the fluffy yarn can be a bit distracting. To begin make a slip knot (form a loop and pull another loop through it with your hook -see image 1 and 2 below).

Step 3: Chainstitch

  • Hold the end of ear/headphone cable in front of the yarn and crochet hook. 
  • Bring the crochet hook across the front of the cable and yarn over (wrap yarn over your hook from back to front -see image 2).
  • Draw the yarn through the loop to make a new loop.  This is your first chain stitch. 
  • For the second stitch (image 3) bring the crochet hook behind the cable, yarn over and draw the yarn through the loop to make a new loop.
  • Continue on this way along the length of the cable, alternating the crochet hook moving in front for one stitch and in behind for the next stitch.

Step 4: Continue...

  • As you continue chain stitching along the length of the cable check that the yarn is spaced evenly and there are no gaps in the stitches.
  • Once you reach the point of the ear/headphones where the cable splits into two arms, continue chain stitching along one arm (image 3).
  • When you reach the end, cut the yarn and tie it off (image 4).
  • Start a new chain at the base of the second arm (image 5) and chain stitch to the end, cut the yarn and tie off.
Plug them in and enjoy!



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    34 Discussions

    Just a question. Would using, say a grade 10 thread for crocheting work or should I get a lower grade? I really don't like the fluffiness of yarn in general.

    1 reply

    You could use a lighter yarn it will just take more time and yarn to cover all of the wire, a worsted weight would probably be ideal.

    Quick question. Why use a chain stitch instead of a single crochet? Does one work better than the other?

    1 reply

    I just found it a bit easier to do a chain stitch. You can try yourself if a single crochet works better.

    I have a question can you use just normal yarn or does it have to be fluffy and can you explain it more to me??

    2 replies

    Very nice! I never would have thought of this, Thank you.

    Good idea! I did it easily with dark blue cotton. Just wanted to point out that the best advantage of doing this to your headphones is that they no longer get tangled in your bag. I used to spend half my morning commute on the train untangling my headphones & feeling silly- now they just pull out of my bag = perfect.

    I just came across this one and as i have absolutely no idea of, well, any of these, I'd love to hear your ideas on how this could be altered with a kind of fabric sleeve like a floral coton fabric let's say.
    I'm a newbie here and absolutely amazed by all of the great tutorials,and also as I am not a native speaker please excuse-and feel free to correct- my mistakes!
    Thanks again for sharing this wonderful idea!

    2 replies

    Your English is fine!
    Most of the earphone sleeves I've seen are made with yarn.

    To make it with fabric I guess you can sew a narrow tube from fabric and slide it over the wire up until the wire splits in two, then make two more seperate tubes for the arms.

    That's kind of what I had in mind! Thank you! :D When I give it a try I'll post it.

    I love how this looks, but I haven't crocheted since I was 12 years old (I'm in my 30s now - lol!) I might try this, or I might try to sort of macrame the yarn around the headphone cord. Either way, this instructable is awesome, I'm so glad I stumbled across it!

    1 reply

    Can't You just have done a snake-around-the-pole friendship bracelet knot around it? As I do not crochet, I do not know which would be easier? Cool yarn anyway! I will do this the way I mentioned above with lime green fuzzy yarn

    3 replies