Step 3: Assemble the Parts

1. Glue the eyes on the smaller cotton ball
2. ...and the pointed orange nose
3. The arms will be glued on the top part of the other cotton ball
4. Glue the buttons as shown in the photo
5. Put generous amount of paper glue to the point where the head will be attached to the body
6. A fluffy snowman!
7. Bend and twist the arms to achieve a crooked twig effect
Great idea :)
very cute :D what a neat idea!
This is a neat little craft, perfect for kids. Good job!<br><br>If you'd like to get a few more hits, I'd recommend using the 2nd photo in step 9 as your main intro photo. It's an excellent photo and will get people's attention because it shows the finished product very well.
.<br>Done!<br><br>Thank you Seamster and Kiteman, and ChrysN!
Super cute!

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