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It's summer and that means hot days and staying inside
My kids always stay inside while it it hot outside
So instead of them watching TV all day or playing video games, I occupy them with my slime recipes
My kids love making Slime and when I introduced Marshmallow slime to them they loved it
It has an amazing and soothing texture just like marshmallows but less sticky :)
This is an easy Slime recipe Without Borax and only takes about ten minutes to make but the play time can last hours
This will definitely occupy anyone during the hot summer days

Step 1: Materials

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6 tbs white liquid glue

6 pinches baking soda

6 tbs cornstarch

1 tb water

Eye drops or contact lens solution or eye wash

And that's it

You could also add food color or even glitter

Step 2: Steps

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Measure out 6 tablespoons of white liquid glue and pour into a medium sized bowl
Add in 6 small pinches of baking soda
Also add in 6 tbs cornstarch and stir until combined
It may look crumbly at first but if you continue to stir it will be a thick smooth paste
Add in 1 tablespoon of water and stir until smooth
Next add in a couple drops of eye drops into the smooth mixture and stir
Continue adding in eye drops and stirring constantly until it separates from the bowl and is not sticky anymore
Knead the Slime a bit and it is ready to play with

Step 3: Results

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This is a really easy and simple Slime for the hot summer days
It has an amazing texture like marshmallows and is very fun to play with
This is great to occupy kids with during the hot summer days


Jennamatic_3000 (author)2017-07-24

Just so that you are aware, the contact solution does in fact contain borax, in the form of boric acid. But, as long as they're not eating it, it's still not a hazard.

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