Step 3: Sew the Ends Together

7) Now you need to work out what part will be the main case and what part will be the flap. Pin the fabric together, right sides in, at each corner, and fold the fabric over the phone with about 5mm extra (to account for the seam) marking where it lands.

8) Leaving a 4mm margin on the 'flap' end, sew around the three edges to the marks you made. On the other end just sew straight across the end.

9) Tip: Trim the corners off at 45 degrees, this will give sharper points once you turn it right-way-out.

10) Turn the case the right-way-out, it will look like this.
<p>made one zebra collerd</p>
<p>LOVE it ! Im making this</p>
<p>mine will be pink</p>
i'm almost done mine and i'm making a tail for it :D
<p>a tail cut i will to </p>
That is SO adoradle! Your amazing!
I luv it
So cool!
This is so cool because you can make it for any phone! Yay finally a cute case for my phone :)
I finally got my photos uploaded so here's mine. i added a tail and a ribbon-belt to it and i love it Thanx for the ible :D
Yours is so cute :)
that looks awesome :D
Thank you, thank you very much.
your welcome
I'm gonna have to make one of these!
Wow this looks amazing!!!!! I wanted to make one.. unfortunately I don't have ANY of the materials aside from scissors. Fortunately, I'm handy with duct tape, so I decided to make my own version out of duct tape. I made it for my sister's birthday, which is today! So... thanks for the inspiration!
COOL ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!
I love this - definately gonna make one. Maybe with pink fur?!
I have two questions. would it get really it get really dirty if it was a pencil case? can you wash it? How can you use that design to cover a regular zipper case? Thanks :]
You could probably make a pencil bag by getting rid of the flap, and putting a zipper on.
This is so cool! I think I might do this for my laptop(: Except probably more fleece in place of the fur, because, you know, fur isn't that manly :P
Very nice instructable! I'm going to do the same but for the ipod touch 4g, with the window for the screen and everything! I'll post an instructables when im done :D
LOVELOVELOVE &lt;3 I'm going to make a pencil case :D But just wondering where you get the polar fleece?
i dont get it, do u flip inside out the whole thing, so u sew the whole way around except for a small space, or do u only flip the flap? <br />
You are leaving one section open so you can flip the who thing right side out. Then sewing it shut with a straight stitch.
that is brilliant!! i think i will make my own!!
Oh wow, so adorable! I'm definitely going to make this. Great instructable!
THATS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;AWESOME&nbsp;ITS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;CUTE! IMA&nbsp;GO&nbsp;MAKE&nbsp;ONE! do u have to use sewing machine? or could you use hand sewing? <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;I am just finishing my version and it all done with hand sewing! Still looks great!
:D<br /> sorry paulfrank phone case, step a side...monster is in town.
Thank you for posting this! I made my own out of black fur, using white felt for the eyes. Anyone have any ideas for the rest of the furry fabric?<br />
What colors look good with this design?
Its so cute i gonna make it! and give it as a gift
<em><strong>OMG!!! I love it! It is so adorable. I would love to make it.</strong></em><br /> :.p<br />
I'm not really into needles and thread... but that looks amazing!!<br /> Really great idea and looks so awesome!! Good instructions!
You can do it with hot melt glue, instead of needle and thread. It holds up great on fleece.&nbsp; The seam lines won't be as nice and straight, but what the heck, it's a monster.<br />
I'm totaly making a pencil case outta that<br />
Cute! Cute! Cute!
I am so gonna have to make this one. <em><strong>CUTE!!!</strong></em><br />
&nbsp;Once again, adorable!

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