Fluffy Slime Without Borax Diy





Introduction: Fluffy Slime Without Borax Diy

Ever since I saw fluffy slime on YouTube, I wanted to make them
But the recipe needed borax and where I live it is very hard to find
So I used my substitute for borax in my instructable for no borax or starch slime
This makes a great gift for kids and is very inexpensive to make
This recipe for slime uses ingredients you already have at you home
This slime is fluffy and feels like marshmallow cream but is still like slime

Step 1: Materials

Liquid glue

Shaving cream or liquid foaming soap

Eye wash or eye drops

Baking soda

Food color

Step 2: Steps

Get your small bowl and add in a tablespoon of baking soda
Next add in just enough eye wash until the baking soda is covered
Swirl around your bowl until the eye wash and baking soda are combined
Next get a separate bowl and add in half a cup of glue and half a cup of shaving cream
Add in food coloring for color
Fold together the glue and shaving cream until combined
Add in the eye wash solution and mix until a putty forms
Knead the slime for about three minutes and leave in a contained shut
After about an hour or two, the slime will be ready to play with
To store, put in a plastic bag or container

Step 3: Results

This is a very easy fluffy slime that feels like marshmallow cream
This is a great slime to give out as gifts and is very inexpensive to make
It is also very quick and easy to make
All using ingredients you can find at your home

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Questions & Answers


I did this and it went really runny, did anyone else's baking powder go weird when they added the eye drops?

you need baking SODA not powder

Turned out GREAT!!

If you add lotion, how much will you need??

Thanks for the recipe! I tried it with a full cup of shaving cream and it worked out great!

No the eye drops are what form the slime. You can also add some lotion to make it smell good and it will be more stretchy. It is the best slime I have made yet!

Ya the shaving cream makes it smell clean