Recently, another member joined my family. The dog Dafne.
Very agitated (feature race), she likes to be always on our side, participating in our daily lives.

After receiving all the vaccines, the veterinarian has authorized the rides with her. The color does not help much to be visible in the night rides. Hence, the inspiration for the collar.

Step 1: Materials

- Elwire

- Duct Tape

- Collar

- Battery

- Pouch with Velcro to accommodate the battery + inverter

Step 2: Cutting the Wire and Putting on a Leash

The wire comes with 3 meters. I measured how much I would need, from the collar, and cut as needed.
Note that I used the party that has a connector for connecting to the inverter (which has an internal circuit with an oscillator based on the integrated circuit 555, operating in a range of 6 to 18 volts).
After that I went through the wire by the collar and securing with adhesive tape to cover the collar. The wire that feeds the neon out of the inverter (black box) was placed on the handle with electrical tape. The battery (9v) + inverter stayed in the bag and secured with velcro strap on the collar. Button on / off switch is inside also may suffer more modificações.

Step 3: Operation of the Elwire

The neon is essentially a flexible copper wire (thicker) impregnated phosphor, covered by an insulating transparent and another thinner wire around (spiral along the thicker wire), also covered by another layer of transparent insulator. The color of the thread, this one depends solely because the colored transparent layer of phosphor, when excited is white.

Works as follows: an alternating voltage is induced around a 150 V at a frequency of 400 to 4000 Hz (Function Drive). That causes the wires to form a capacitance which excites the phosphor and generates luminescence. It is as if the wire were several capacitors connected to each other.

A good tutorial on how to weld is here at Instructables:

Step 4: End

The intention was to use the material I have ever had in my hands. The Neon was fixed with duct tape, because the material will be reused.
I hope you enjoy.
Ei, onde eu consigo comprar EL WIRE no Brasil?
N&Atilde;&pound;o compro no Brasil pq &Atilde;&copy; muito caro.. tem no mercadolivre <br>Eu compro no www.dealextreme.com
Dealextreme voc&Atilde;&ordf; n&Atilde;&pound;o tem problema em importar n&Atilde;&pound;o, precisa ser cart&Atilde;&pound;o internacional n&Atilde;&copy;? E demora muito pra chegar?
Precisa ou de cart&Atilde;&pound;o internacional (liberado pelo banco para fazer compras no exterior) ou uma conta no paypal (que eu uso e recomendo. Em ambos os casos &Atilde;&copy; preciso um cart&Atilde;&pound;o de cr&Atilde;&copy;dito. O maior problema mesmo &Atilde;&copy; o tempo. J&Atilde;&iexcl; fiz pedidos que demoraram de 20 dias a 2 meses para chegar. Se voc&Atilde;&ordf; quer com urg&Atilde;&ordf;ncia, recomendo comprar por aqui. Se n&Atilde;&pound;o tem tanta urg&Atilde;&ordf;ncia, compra la fora que &Atilde;&copy; muuuuuito mais barato. Por exemplo, comprei uma placa Arduino aqui por uns 180,00 e m&Atilde;&ordf;s passado comprei uma de l&Atilde;&iexcl; por 30,00. O frete &Atilde;&copy; gr&Atilde;&iexcl;tis por isso acho q vale a pena. o que mata as vezes &Atilde;&copy; eles enviam o seu pedido aos poucos. Deve ser para nao ficar retido na Receita Federal. se voce comprar 2 placas, por exemplo, a chance de elas virem em entregas separadas &Atilde;&copy; muito grande.
Ah, valeu pelas dicas cara! Ent&Atilde;&pound;o ele &Atilde;&copy; confi&Atilde;&iexcl;vel, o problema &Atilde;&copy; que demora pra chegar, mas isso tudo bem ^^
&Atilde;‰ sim. J&Atilde;&iexcl; comprei tanta tranqueira... ja gastei uns 1000,00. O problema mesmo &Atilde;&copy; a demora. Fora isso, n&Atilde;&pound;o tenho o que reclamar. So presta aten&Atilde;&sect;&Atilde;&pound;o pois vende coisa que n&Atilde;&pound;o entra aqui. Como armas, acess&Atilde;&sup3;rio para armas e armas de brinquedo.
UAhsuahush' Armas n&Atilde;&pound;o s&Atilde;&pound;o o caso pra mim, eu s&Atilde;&sup3; queria comprar coisas de eletr&Atilde;&acute;nica mesmo, tipo Arduino, El Wire, e pe&Atilde;&sect;as em geral, que &Atilde;&copy; MUITO MAIS BARATO e o frete &Atilde;&copy; gr&Atilde;&iexcl;tis! Valeu pela ajuda ent&Atilde;&pound;o!
That dog is so cute :D Great idea.

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