Introduction: Biomonstaaar's Fluorescent Lights

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This instructable details the fluorescent light system of the Biomonstaaar Bioreactor.

We thought that the fluorescent light system would be the easiest part of all, but that was before we realized we'd have to create our own plugs for the ballasts. It was difficult to find instructions for this online, so we've created an instructable detailing the process.

In another prototype, we'd like to automate the light system and route it through the webapp with the rest of the systems, but for now these fluorescent lights will be controlled with a simple 24 hour timer.

Materials Used:
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
20' electrical cable
electric plug

Step 1: Prepare the Cable for a Plug

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First take a length of cable and use scizzors to separate the two halves. Then strip an inch or so of each side of the cable to bare wire using wire cutters.

Step 2:

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haeshproject (author)2014-03-04

Why did you use flourecent over led?

SunnyAllen (author)haeshproject2014-03-05

Simplicity, easy availability -- but we plan to switch to LED eventually.

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