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These ballasts burn out all the time. I got tired of constantly replacing the fixtures, so I decided to replace the ballasts with high quality ones. I have changed more of these ballasts than I can remember, but I have not replaced any of the fluorescent bulbs since I switched to T8.
T8 tubes are more efficient and have a long life.
viesis20002 years ago
Dear technically minded specialists,
There is a problem and I am looking for solution. Maybe You can help me. :)
Description of situation:
Few days ago the electronic Ballast for 15W fluorescent T8 lamp has been burned out. I checked that 2 resistors were broken. Possible reason – during assembling of the unit the solder has got inside and after years has made the short circuit. I am not very qualified electrician and therefore I am looking for help – what exact type of resistors I must get to replace. There are no marks stayed on broken ones. I have other 15W fluorescent T8 lamp with the similar working ballast, but, unfortunately, they are not identical.
There are attached photos of broken scheme and of similar, good one, maybe it help You. My great necessity is to get know – what exact type of resistors I must take to replace.
Being thankful, waiting for response, Very, very sincerely,