Introduction: Fluttershy Hair

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Step 1: Getting Ready

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Get a towel if any water drips onto the surface you are working on

Step 2: Hot Water

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Boil some water and let it cool just a little bit, but just enough that you can put your finger in it and you can still feel the heat. But it shouldn't be burning hot.

Step 3: Dipping the Hair

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Dip the hair in the water and wait for it do cool down, but if your alright with your hands getting slightly burned, then continue

Step 4: Hair Treatment

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Get some conditioner or shampoo, here I'm using Johnson's baby shampoo.

Step 5: Mini Hair Brush

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Get a toothbrush or a Barbie comb and put the shampoo or conditioner on, like tooth paste.

Step 6: Dipping the Toothbrush

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Dip the toothbrush or Barbie comb in the warm water.

Step 7: Shampoo-ing the Brush

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Put some shampoo on the toothbrush or Barbie comb

Step 8: Ready, Steady, COMB !!

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Comb your ponies hair with the shampoo toothbrush.

Step 9: Rinse Up

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Now rinse the pony in the water. Do theirs till there is no soap left on the ponies hair.

Step 10: Styling

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Style the hair by curving it around the hoof and around the back hind leg.

Step 11: Wait

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Wait until its dry and you can take the hair off the leg. Personally I like to keep the hair on the ponies leg but it's your choice :3


Delete_ (author)2013-12-10

Cool! I'll have to get a fluttershy so I can do this! Lol

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