1.21 Gigawatts?   Try 9 volts of pure direct current.   It won't transport you through time, but then it isn't exactly going 88mph yet.
This was an experiment I did with Bare Paint (conductive paint) in order to see if I could make the ever famous movie prop, the Flux Capacitor. This was done for the Omaha Maker Group and our May 21 build night with the focus on Bare Conductive Paint.   In honor of Marty McFly, my flux capacitor is chicken yellow.

Parts List:

3 4401 NPN transistors

3 capacitors 4.7uf

3   47 k resistors   yellow purple orange gold

2   470 ohm resistor   yellow purple brown gold

1  120 ohm resistor  brown red brown gold

1  100 ohm resistor  brown black brown gold

9 volt battery

1 tube of Bare conductive paint

Step 1: Step 1, Printing the Flux

Print out the page attached.  Glue to cardboard backing, and trim to size.  Use a push pin to create holes at the black dots, then mount the LED's through the holes.   Be sure that the negative side of the LED (Flat part) is facing to the left.  Using a needle nose pliers to crimp the LED wires into the cardboard.    Tucking these in will give you the ability to use the Conductive paint to try and complete pathways.  (Hint: Shorter pathways stand a better chance of working).    Also it will make it easier should you decide to solder these with connecting wire later on.
<p>I did a similar version of this a few years back but on stripboard http://www.paulinthelab.com/2012/10/flux-capacitor-led-decoration.html</p>
Nobody calls me chicken! Great Scott this is a cool project, I love transistor circuits, &amp; BTTF.

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