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Fancy looking like Jeff Goldblum from 'The Fly' this halloween? Well, you wont need to merge with a fly at a molecular-genetic level while attempting a teleportation experiment to achieve this look. Just a broken mesh tea infuser, a pair of old glasses and some black sugru.

Step 1: Remove the Lenses

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To remove the lenses from the glasses we used our iFixit screwdriver set, these sets are super useful for fiddly jobs.

Remove the screw closest to the lenses.

TOP TIP: Use the sieve ends of the tea infuser to store the small screws so they don't get lost.

Open up the frame and remove the lens. You may need to use the flat head of the screwdriver to get the frame open.

Once the lenses are removed replace the screws.

Step 2: Stick the Tea Strainers in Place

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Now that the lenses are removed you can attach the infuser sieves.

Make two small sausages of sugru and place on opposites sides of the infuser sieves.

Press the sieves into the glasses frame. Aim to line up the sugru sausages with the joins on the frame, i.e. where the temple arm and bridge meet the lens rims.

Press the sugru in at the sides to ensure a strong bond.

Tape the infuser sieves to the glasses frame so that a solid bond can form.

Use the remaining sugru in the pack to build up around the joins.

Leave the glasses to sit for a few hours before attempting more work.

Step 3: Building Up Your Sugru

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To build up the sugru around your fly glasses, work in small amounts. This makes the hacking far more manageable.

Create small flattened pieces of sugru and wrap them around the lens rim and the edge of the infuser sieves.

Press the sugru in for a firm bond and gently use your finger to smooth.

TOP TIP: If the sugru becomes hard to handle when applying it may be because there is too much on your fingertips. Dry tissue paper is great for removing excess sugru so regularly rub your fingers to ensure a clean hack.

When complete gently rub soapy water on the sugru for a super smooth finish.

When one side is done leave it to cure for a few hours before attempting the second. To cure, tape the arm of the glasses on the table so the glasses can hang horizontally and not risk damage.

After a few hours repeat the process for the other side and leave to cure overnight in the same way.

Step 4: Scare Someone

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tinker234 (author)2012-02-27

wow amazing costume love the photo the fly scares me still after 2 years since i saw the movie\

scoochmaroo (author)2011-10-27

Fantastic photo shoot! And an inspired use of Sugru

projectsugru (author)scoochmaroo2011-10-27

hey, thanks :)

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