Fly Fishing Rod Organizer made with CNC Router

Picture of Fly Fishing Rod Organizer made with CNC Router
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Here is another quick CNC project made from just  a small  piece of 1/2 plywood and a 1/2 inch dowel.   This rack is used to organize fly rods that are stored in tubes or socks.  The divider size can be adjusted with removable dowel inserts.  The dowel insert is thick and strong enough to use as a handle, so the rack  can be easily moved into/out of a closet.  

  I made it at Techshop:
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Step 1: Materials and Equipment


1/2 inch plywood (About 25x36 inches) - I used 12mm Baltic Birch
1/2 inch dowel  (about 36 inches)
wood glue
Varnish or other finish (I didn't bother)

CNC Router
1/4inch  router bits (1 upcut, 1 downcut)
3/4 inch router bit(s) (optional, to speed up cutting out the larger holes)
saw for cutting dowel inserts   (I used a chop saw)

Laser cutter (optional - for cutting the stop rings for the dowels)
joerice0111 months ago

Nice, Any plans to add any stain or oil to the wood.

Oh and +1 for your TFO rods.

craftclarity12 months ago

Nice! That's the prettiest way to organize fishing rods I've yet seen.