Fly Trap





Introduction: Fly Trap

This a fly trap to control our flies. We get them because we have cats and thier food attracts LOTS of flies. If you have a dog you may have the same problem.

Step 1: Materials

We Need the following:

Step 2: The Motor Mount

Here we need to make the motor Mount.

Step 3: Mounting the Motor

In this step we mount the motor in the motor mount.

Step 4: Mounting the Fan

Here we mount the fan that actually make the motor usefull.

Step 5: Mounting the Cone Onto the Lid

I didnt make this instructable until after I made the fly trap and didnt have the materials to make a new one. So I havnt shown you how to make the cone bt it should be simple enough :D.

Step 6: The Bait

This bait smeels horrible so dont sniff it. The more water you put in the weaker it is. You only want flies around you section to smell it so dont make it too strong.

Step 7: Completing the Trap

In this tep we complete the trap itself.

Step 8: Attach the Electronics

I will explain each picture:

1) Attach aligator clips to the motor wires.

2) Attach the swith to ONE of the motor wires and put another clip on the other side.

3) That Says DC.

4) Power Supply.

5) Weird end to have but it is for my slot cars.

6) Here is where those nails can help.

7) You should have 2 free clips, clip them on here.

8) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Plug it in Plug it in (It on and ad haha)

Step 9: Watch the Vid

Watch The Vid



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    I wonder if this would work on dragonflies, they have been breeding in our greenhouse.

    Seems to me like you fixed the wrong problem.
    What you need to do is try to transition your cat(s) away from canned food onto dry food. Not only is it cheaper, it's better for your cat too. For treats, give them leftovers from your meals (remember to cut it out in nibble-sized pieces, cats can't chew well).
    Nutro and Hill's are examples of great products.
    With dry food you can feed your cat for less than 50 cents / day.
    Canned food can easily cost a dollar or more, depending on quality and can size. Not to mention that it stinks.
    Only thing to make sure is that you cat(s) always have water (canned food consist of up to 90% water)

    Please don't give out misinformed advice. Cats are not like dogs where they drink water often. Cats need to get their water from their food as they drink little compared to humans and other animals (raw meat is most preferable, canned meat is second preferable). Their systems are not made to digest carbohydrates like humans, so pumping them up on CHEAP DRY FOOD filled ash, and grain fillers is damaging to their health... Diabetes, dandruff, kidney failure... Anyway I'm done, just do a little research before advising cheap dry food. Also Microman the fly trap is a great idea! I wish I saw this solution over the summer!

    If you'd actually read my post you'd realize that I was not recommending cheap dry food, but high-quality stuff. I totally agree in the "don't feed your pet crap" department. The above suggestions is what cat breeders (purebred cats, not random mixed ones) around here feed their cats, and I am pretty sure they know what's good and what's not. Also, with the abundance of flies near the cat food, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable feeding my cat wet food. Think of all the fly eggs and crap. How long does it take for the food to become inedible?

    I fed my cats dry too until I read this..very enlightening

    I have a 'non-electrical' version which is much better. It has no moving parts. Somebody else beat me to posting on here

    Yonzie, sorry to say that, but dry food affects the cat's kidneys badly. And the canned food doesn't smell that bad, if it's a good brand. Nevertheless, it's VERY IMPORTANT all the pets get enough FRESH water ever. Warmest Regards!

    Just get any PET bottle cut it in half, invert the top and stick it down. Put 2 inches of water and a small amount of raw meat (or anything that pongs) in it and you're done. A few days in the sun and it will be teaming with flys (and might make you dry reach too).

    No Power. No fans. No time wasting. Easy peezie.