Introduction: Fly Me to the Sky on the Satellite Photograph.

Let's do the virtual experience at which it looks down the satellite photograph from the airplane.

Step 1: Install 'DirectX'.

Step 2: Get the Rigid Body Simulator ''RigidChips" of the Latest Version.

(RigidChips v1.5.B24 at 20060327)

Step 3: Let's Confirm the Operation of 'RigidChips'.

Run "RigidChips15B24.exe" (at 20060327)


Step 4: Setting of "Foggy Level"

1) Click to "Setting"menu -> "Extra ..."
2) "Setting Dialg" showed up.
3) Set "Foggy Level" bar to the rightmost.
4) Click "OK"

Step 5: Download This Data That RigidChips's 'Land' Data.

Zipped folder. (land.x land.jpg and one)

Step 6: Download the Satellite Photograph. and Replace 'land.jpg'.

Replace 'land.jpg' by JPG-format file of satellite photograph.

Step 7: Open Land.

1) Click to "File" menu -> "Open Land"
2) select 'land.x' in land folder.
3) click "(O)" button.

Step 8: Download This Data That RigidChips's 'Chips' File.
text file.

save into land folder.

Step 9: Open Chips. (model)

1) Click to "File" menu -> "Open Chips"
2) select 'orz1092.rcd' in land folder.
3) click "(O)" button.

Step 10: Is the Preparation Good?

Start an engine. Hit (E) key !!!!

Step 11: Take Off !!

Use Arrow keys.

Step 12: Other Satellite Photograph, Other Land(MAP), Other Chips(MODEL)

**** other satellite photograph.

**** other Chips and Lands

Reading file's explanation

Chips (Model) .txt or .rcd??? (text file) --Val{}/Key{},/Body{},/Script{},/Lua{}
Land (Map) .x (text file or binary file) --DirectX 3D data file
Game .rcg (text file) --Add "Lap time measurement" to specified Land
Scenario .rcs (text file) --Add Function to any Chips (or any Land)

Step 13: Try Any Mode.

View B, All Show off.

Step 14: At Last.


jare-bear made it! (author)2008-02-19

the link for the chips model isnt working

nathan brown made it! (author)2007-06-18

can you teach me about this and how to play and how to get ur cool ships it always says error line "something"

Crash2108 made it! (author)2006-08-27

Nice advertisement.

Xplane is still better.