Fly Me to the Sky on the Satellite Photograph.





Introduction: Fly Me to the Sky on the Satellite Photograph.

Let's do the virtual experience at which it looks down the satellite photograph from the airplane.

Step 1: Install 'DirectX'.

Step 2: Get the Rigid Body Simulator ''RigidChips" of the Latest Version.

(RigidChips v1.5.B24 at 20060327)

Step 3: Let's Confirm the Operation of 'RigidChips'.

Run "RigidChips15B24.exe" (at 20060327)


Step 4: Setting of "Foggy Level"

1) Click to "Setting"menu -> "Extra ..."
2) "Setting Dialg" showed up.
3) Set "Foggy Level" bar to the rightmost.
4) Click "OK"

Step 5: Download This Data That RigidChips's 'Land' Data.

Zipped folder. (land.x land.jpg and one)

Step 6: Download the Satellite Photograph. and Replace 'land.jpg'.

Replace 'land.jpg' by JPG-format file of satellite photograph.

Step 7: Open Land.

1) Click to "File" menu -> "Open Land"
2) select 'land.x' in land folder.
3) click "(O)" button.

Step 8: Download This Data That RigidChips's 'Chips' File.
text file.

save into land folder.

Step 9: Open Chips. (model)

1) Click to "File" menu -> "Open Chips"
2) select 'orz1092.rcd' in land folder.
3) click "(O)" button.

Step 10: Is the Preparation Good?

Start an engine. Hit (E) key !!!!

Step 11: Take Off !!

Use Arrow keys.

Step 12: Other Satellite Photograph, Other Land(MAP), Other Chips(MODEL)

**** other satellite photograph.

**** other Chips and Lands

Reading file's explanation

Chips (Model) .txt or .rcd??? (text file) --Val{}/Key{},/Body{},/Script{},/Lua{}
Land (Map) .x (text file or binary file) --DirectX 3D data file
Game .rcg (text file) --Add "Lap time measurement" to specified Land
Scenario .rcs (text file) --Add Function to any Chips (or any Land)

Step 13: Try Any Mode.

View B, All Show off.

Step 14: At Last.



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    the link for the chips model isnt working

    can you teach me about this and how to play and how to get ur cool ships it always says error line "something"