its summer and the fly's and mosquitos want our food.....

So a quick trip down the local hardware store froze our minds - this was going to cost... Until.....

This Instructable tells you how to make simple wooden framed fly screens.

What you will need;
Timber : Width 30mm x Height 20mm x your length ( having the luxury of a band saw i brought cheap concrete edging timber and cut it to re sawed to size)
Bullet head nails: 30mm x 2.0mm (16 per frame)
Wood glue
Pin hammer
Combination square
2.0mm drill bit
Accurate tape measure
Mitre saw
Mitre clamp or jig
Bench sander
Nylon fly mesh ( hardware store)
Staple gun and staples
Counter sunk wood screw: approx. 30 - 35mm( for retaining latch - one screw per side)
Three washers(per retainer)
Length of tube:10mm diameter x your length

Step 1: Measurements

Type of frame
Decide if you are going to have our screens sit in side the window frame, resting on the sill (picture 2) OR

its going be bigger than the window opening and sit against the window frame while resting on the sill(picture 3) (an option I would tend to use if you are going to take the screen down to close the window.)

Take your measurements thus inside the frame or out side depending on which you intend to use. Measure the height and width that you desire the frame to be and add together before mutipying by 2 to give you the length of timber required for the window.

Then add a cutting allowance, 3 times the thickness of your saw blade, multiple this by four and add to the total length of timber required. ( (H + w)x2 )

I will assume that you already have your wood at the correct dimensions, so give it a finishing sanding to the quality that you want at the end now, using your sander and a fine grit. Then run along the edges with the rasp to take off the sharpness and then sand smooth. ( i used the sander in its upside down jig for this, rolling the timber from one flat to the other while moving it along the belt at the same time.)

Ensure that the end of your timber that you are going to start measurements from is nice and square....

nice job.. thanks
Nice instructable, this gives me an idea for when the summer comes around, my new bedroom window doesn't have a screen. Thanks!

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