here is a circuit diagram

Step 1: Parts

you need a npn transistor a resistor and a toroidal transformer and capacitor is optional

Step 2: Asembley

assemble the circuit from the diagram

Step 3: Done

hope you are happy with circuit
http://www.circuit-diagram.org/ From now on you should use this to make your circuits
any capacitor will work except electrolytic type
I am using a mkp capacitor any size will work under 1uf
Hi, <br> Some quick things: <br>1. What turns ratio did you use? <br>2. What is the NPN transistor you used? <br>3. How are you using this circuit? <br>4. The toroidal transformer came from what? <br>Any additional information you can provide would be helpful. <br>Thank you for the instructable. <br>Rob
Also looks like you have a capacitor in the circuit, what size and type? <br> <br>Thanks, <br>Rob

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