Flying Captain America Shield

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This is a flying Captain America shield that you can make out of duct tape and cardboard. Make a couple of these and you can battle it out with your friends Captain America-style!

I had two goals in mind with this project: 1) that the finished shield could be tossed around safely and actually fly stable like a giant Frisbee, and 2) that it could be replicated by almost anyone, independent of their current crafting skills.

For this project I made a couple of different flying shield prototypes. After some experimenting, I eventually reached a design that flew really well . . . and now I'm excited to share it!

I've included a PDF with all the pattern pieces that are required to make this. I worked directly from these finalized pattern pieces to build the finished version of the flying Captain America shield you will see in the following steps and in the video below.

The finished shield is 22.5" in diameter, and weighs 27.5 ounces (780 g). It's hefty, but it flies great. Still, you wouldn't want to knock a little kid in the back of the head with it, but it's certainly a lot safer for throwing around than this version (also made by me).

Here is a video of my flying shield in action:

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Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
Here is what you will need to make your own Flying Captain America Shield:
  • Print-out of the attached PDF
  • Flat pieces of cardboard, at least 12" wide across the grain. I used thick double-ply cardboard.
  • Duct tape, one roll of each: red, white, blue, and regular
  • 24" of webbing or other suitable material for handles
  • 74" of 3/4" polypropylene rope
  • Cutting mat
  • Utility knife with extra blades (and/or heavy-duty hobby knife with extra blades)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marking pen, like a Sharpie
In each step I will go into more detail about the materials and tools used.
when i try to open the pdf it wont, can you help?
seamster (author)  Kurohitsujii1 year ago
Here's the file right here. If still you can't open it, it's a problem on your end. Make sure you have the latest adobe reader.
zeroglory4 days ago

Has anyone tried coating the shield with a clear epoxy to make it harder/more durable?

cryophile made it!6 days ago

I just finished mine! It only took me a few hours spread out over a week or so. It seems to have a rather limited range; perhaps I am throwing it wrong?
P.S. Kilroy was here. ;)

seamster (author)  cryophile6 days ago

Hey, looks great! Maybe practice will help you throw it farther. Thanks for the photo. I'm glad you were able to make one!

sarahmon90 made it!1 month ago

Love it! I was able to make this in an afternoon, and it went together easily. Now I just need to add a strap so I can wear it on my back. ;)

seamster (author)  sarahmon901 month ago

Nice work! Glad I could share the pattern with you. Thanks for the photo!

how do you put the handle strap things on?

how do you put the handle strap things on?

I've been waiting for a flying captain america shield and this is the one for free

FYI, here is one of the shields I gave away at Christmas. His dad made him a plane last year, painted in the Captain America totally by coincidence!
Well, you can't do just one, especially around the holidays. My wife suggested that several of our nephews would love having a shield......

Tips for all you mass production people:
* these three (one was already made) took me a about two weeks start to finish during "off" times.
* cardboard quality helps. The best shield shape is the one from a box that had good shape retaining cardboard and the cut edges were clean.
* you'll use more hot glue than you think!
* watch our for duct tape fingers; my index finger tips are sore from peeling / unpeeling tape.
* live with the imperfections (remember, they're cardboard, hot glue, and duct tape).
* Lowes / Home Depot / Amazon are your friends for supplies:)
* templates wear out! I had made a set of plastic templates for the patterns. The x-acto knife cut into them a few too many times and the last shield's white stipe width was wonky. So live with the imperfect.
Evernote Snapshot 20131216 210507.jpgEvernote Camera Roll 20131216 215501.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131216 220846.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131219 213027.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131219 213952.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131219 224159.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131219 230131.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131221 154041.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131222 121046.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131222 123304.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131222 202447.jpgEvernote Snapshot 20131223 132726.jpg
seamster (author)  innovationcreation4 months ago
Oh my, you're quite the uncle! Nice work, I'm sure they'll love them. Those are all great tips. Glad you posted them. A trick for cutting out the cardboard is to use a scroll saw, if you have access to one. It speeds up the process a ton.
Zender cool4 months ago
how should we curve the carboard
seamster (author)  Zender cool4 months ago
You hold a piece tight between your hands and then drag it over the edge of a table, which will break the stiffness of the cardboard and curl it. See step 4.
Shield customer was happy:)
seamster (author)  innovationcreation5 months ago
Nice work!

It's always nice to see that people are actually following my instructions and making their own fun stuff. Thanks for sharing the photo!
robojo2 years ago
Add one more to your list. I made one today.
captain am 1 pic.JPGcaptain am 2 pic.JPG
seamster (author)  robojo5 months ago
Nice! Thanks for the photos.
My son's name starts with C so I stopped here to see if he would like a shield with a C.... "no" was the answer.....
I delayed this step until very last as I was not sure what to use, strap wise. I ended up using the silver duct tape to match the silver tape on inside.
My son (shield customer) wanted silver tape....
For this step I created templates out of thin plastic so I could make other shields :) Can't just make one!
holmgren5 months ago
Got this done for Halloween. I found some avengers duct tape at WalMart so I decided to use that for the back. I also had to use a couple of layer for the white pieces since you could pretty much see through it with only one layer. After the white parts went on, I added one layer of tape over the star to hide the middle seams since it did not look very good. I just carefully cut around the outside edge with a knife. Also added a should strap to the back. I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks for the project!
seamster (author)  holmgren5 months ago
Nice work! The Avengers tape is a nice touch. Hope you got a lot of compliments on it!
Harrym_150008 months ago
I have thin polypropolene rope and not sure if i wrap around the base twice it will still work.
seamster (author)  Harrym_150008 months ago
Should work I would think... but I'd wrap it around enough times so the bulk equals about that of a 1/2" or 5/8" rope. Good luck!
ejohnson519 months ago
When I make mine, I make them for my friends and cousins and I let them make their own design by using different colors and patterns of duct tape. They turn out pretty great most of the time.
TSViper619 months ago
Hey seamster, thanks for the instructions and blue prints! I made a cap merica sheild of my own and looks great because of your tips. Thanks a lot!!!!!
*Note is used silver instead of grey and white
13, 9:46 PM.jpg13, 9:46 PM.jpg
how mutch did all this cost? ps love it pps where did you get all of it
seamster (author)  thecap_larhen051110 months ago
This cost around 10 or 15 dollars I think. I got the tape at a walmart store, and the cardboard was from some old boxes.
rcabrera410 months ago
where did you print the pdf file?
umm... where did you buy colored duct tapes?
btw, nice work
seamster (author)  jkyle dragneel1 year ago
I bought mine at a walmart store. I've seen it at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and many other places as well.
Do you know if it would work with 1/8 inch thick steel sheet hammered into shape, or would that be too heavy to fly?
seamster (author)  SamuraiSpirit1 year ago
You could definitely make one out of metal if you have the tools and the know-how, but I think it would be way too heavy to actually fly.
gpod1 year ago
Sweet! Nicely done.
nikolits1 year ago
can you please do a youtube video how to do this?
seamster (author)  nikolits1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
i also dont belive in how to videos.I think this site is amazing!

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